So I was in Minnesota last week…

Last week I went to Minneapolis for a conference and got to check out some of the sights downtown.  I got to see the new Vikings Stadium which was pretty cool.  It had a futuristic look about it that reminded me of something…

New Vikings Stadium? or the Jawas Sandcrawler from Star Wars?

Reminds of sandcrawler a Jawa would use!

jawa, star wars, sand crawler
Sandcrawler or new Vikings Stadium?

Anyway, being in Minnesota and seeing the US Bank Stadium, I thought it was interesting in light of the fact that Wells Fargo has been accused of “photo bombing” the new stadium.  It appears there was a clause in the agreement that the Vikings had with Wells Fargo, as well as other surrounding properties,  that the buildings near the new stadium couldn’t have competing signage.  Wells Fargo looks like they violated that agreement when they put signs on the rooftop and side of one of their buildings, the Wells Fargo Towers.

wells fargo vikings lawsuit

Currently, Wells Fargo has 30 days to remove the signs and pay attorney’s fees to the Vikings.   This is one “photo bomb” that wasn’t as funny as originally planned!

viking new stadium, minnesota vikings

Google’s top 3 search ranking factors?

From Searchengineland comes an article about Google’s Rankbrain which I thought sounded like AI.  Artificial Intelligence seems scary but after reading this article Google’s use of it appears to be a ranking factor in search now.  Interesting to see how it plays out in search quality.


Google’s Andrey Lipattsev reveals links, content and RankBrain are the top three ranking signals in Google’s search algorithm.

Wondering what factors help you rank better on Google? For the first time, we have a top three list: links, content and RankBrain.

We knew last year that RankBrain was said by Google to be the third most important ranking factor, but Google refused to say what the first two were. Yesterday, in a Q&A with Google, Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, said the other two factors were links and content:

I can tell you what they are. It is content. And it’s links pointing to your site.
He wouldn’t say which was more important, so the top three list now looks like this:

1 & 2: Links & Content
3: RankBrain


Hat tip to Barry Schwartz from SearchEngineLand


Did you know that McDonald’s gave away free razors in 1978?

I was doing some marketing research the other day and stumbled upon an old McDonald’s commercial from the 1970’s.   I understand that one of the first advertising campaigns form McDonald’s was in the early 1960’s.

Quarter Pounder (Consumer Product),McDonald's (Business Operation),Food (TV Genre),Cheese (Food),burger,mcd,mcdonalds,Mcdonald,Eating,Hungry,Drive

Clearly  that investment paid off as history has proven.

What I found interesting from the commercial  was that it marketed differently to the breakfast crowd.  We all know that McDonald’s was established as a hamburger and french fry joint, but the breakfast side of the business was still fairly young in the 70’s.   Anyone around back in the day knew it took a while to make breakfast before work in the morning.   McDonald’s clearly saw this as an opportunity, so the Egg McMuffin was introduced in 1971.


you deserve a break today at mcdonalds, egg mcmuffin,breakfast,core menu,mcdonald's,mcds,mcdonald's menu,mconalds breakfast menu,all day,all day breakfast at mcdonalds,mcd's,breakfast sandwich,freashly cracked egg,McMuffin (Product Line),Egg (Food),Cheese

It appears that McDonald’s was ahead of the curve responding to consumer predilections.

So going back to the commercial I found,  it appears that McDonald’s was trying to kill two birds with one stone.  In the ad an older man and his son go into the McDonald’s and get breakfast.  On the way in the dad points out that his son needs a good breakfast, as well as pointing out that he should start using his razor for a shave.  This is the setup for the commercial.  Early morning, quick breakfast, and perhaps a shave.  Now I understand that no one is going to shave in a McDonald’s but the seed was planted from the marketing side.  It was desire to fulfill the early morning needs.   As the father and son enter the McDonald’s, the server greets them and describes their breakfast options.  In 5 seconds she tells them the menu items for breakfast and the offer for the FREE shaving razor from Gillette.  Boom,  breakfast and a new razor from McDonald’s.    I am curious as to the Gillette placement as well.  Did McDonald’s get a kickback from the Gillette Corporation for the product placement?  I hope so.  That is brilliant branding from the razor giant.  As far as the overall commercial goes, take a look for yourself below:


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