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Experience in buying quality table saws

Table saws are one of the essential and familiar items for carpenters or woodworking workers. A modern device created to replace manual tools like hand saws. Thanks to the flexible cutting ability, the table saw help a lot for the worker’s work to be completed quickly and efficiently.

Ridgid portable table saw

You are planning to buy a table saw for yourself or your family. But the market is full of different types of table saws with all types, prices, and brands. That makes you not know how to buy a suitable one. Based on what criteria to buy? Do not worry about that. In the following article, I will mention the experience of buying table saws for you to study and learn.

  • Classify table saws

Classification based on power source:

Table saws use direct current (12-24 V). This is usually a domestic or a manual production machine that is not made on industrial lines. This machine has a small capacity but safety is not high. However, the price is quite cheap and easy to repair, easy to replace and upgrade when necessary.

Table saw uses 220V power. This machine is usually manufactured on industrial transmission lines, ensuring high safety and high capacity. However, the price is more expensive and difficult to fix, difficult to replace and upgrade.

Sort by feature

Multi-purpose table saw: In addition to sawing functions,  It can also sharpen, drill and cut. Because of a mini machine, it is only suitable for machining small parts.

Single-function table saws: Only capable of sawing

The arrangement according to job requirements

Table saw for large projects (Portable, Jobsite )

Table saws for small and medium-sized factories and professional DIY (cabinet, hybrid)

Sliding table saws for large-scale professional workshops (Sliding table saw)

  • Experience in buying quality table saws

Based on user needs

Determining the demand is the first factor needed to make a decision to buy a table saw. For small carpentry workshops that only need infrequently, a small, moderate-sized table saw is suitable.

As for a large carpentry workshop having much work, large table saws will easily fit.

Based on the workspace

The workspace also decides your choice. For example, if you use at the carpentry workshop, you should choose a medium-sized machine. But for wood processing companies you can choose larger sized machines.

The price of a table saw

  • Table saws with cost 50-150 USD

Specifically, with the amount of 50 – 150 USD you can order a table saw with a compact design such as sawing wood boards, cutting wood with a compact area and especially this product line can move easily. It’s easier to work with as a portable wood saw. For carpenters at home, DIY workers are quite suitable!

However, the disadvantage of this product line is the plastic design, too light and thin, so when performing is not sure. Because this type of machine is quite noisy and quickly hot when operating, in addition to having to regularly replace the parts of the machine if you want to operate for a long time.

  • Table saws cost 150-500 USD

Meanwhile, the product range from USD 150-500 is widely used in small and medium-sized carpentry workshops. The object that this table saw is aimed at is a professional DIY mechanic

Most of these table saws are 150-200 cm wide and 80 cm deep, 2 to 4 times larger than the portable line size. The whole table surface is made of solid metal, using magnetic motors with a common capacity of 1500-2200W. The wide table surface means a large area of use, you can cut longboards as well as a place to store wood billets before and after cutting.

  • Table saw more than 500 USD

With an amount of 500 USD is a popular segment of sliding table saws. With a large capacity from 2.5 -5KW plus scratch-resistant primer when cutting, the sliding table is from 1.2 to 3.2m long

Its advantages are to provide the highest performance during use. If you work a lot on large-scale industrial boards, you often have to go side by side with wood, sliding table saws are definitely the best choice. The machine requires a large area of use and a large amount of investment money.

Based on the brand

There are many different brands on the market. For example, As you want to buy a portable table saw. You should choose products with well-known brands that are widely used and commented well to choose the best portable table saw.

Power and design of the machine

The power and design of the machine are also one of the important factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a table saw. Sawing machines with the right capacity will help you make the job easier, avoid waste or not meet all requirements.

In conclusion

Based on the above criteria, I hope you can choose a suitable table saw for you. Good luck!