The important ingredients and characteristics of watercolor paint

It can be seen that watercolor paint is one of the colors that are very popular and used widely all over the world. It is an indispensable factor in our childhood because we all know about the crayons and the watercolor paint from a very young age by an art subject at school. However, I think a lot of people will not know deeply about watercolor paint. You know that if we want to use any objects effectively, we must know about the compositions and features of these objects. And the watercolor painter is not excepted. In this article, I will share to you the prominent ingredients and features of watercolor paint.

The compositions of a watercolor paint

Each watercolor paint will often include two main factors that are the pigments and the binder like a gum arabic. Every issue will have the different features and structures that I will show you here

• The pigments
A pigment is a material that helps change the color of reflected or transmitted light as the result of wavelength-selective absorption. Using a pigment is to make the color and to protect for the surface. The pigment is selected and developed for making the watercolor paint and using in painting because it has special properties.
• The binder
The binder is a material that holds and draws other material together. In watercolor painting, the binder holds the pigment in suspension. So what is the binder? The binder can be a natural gum arabic or synthetic glycol. Gum arabic is a binder in which the pigment is dispersed to create watercolor paint. Besides, it also has some other functions. gum arabic can extend a little bit of dry time of paint and it makes colors more vivid and transparent.
So we can see that watercolor paint is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments(gum arabic) suspended in a water-based solution.

The important features of watercolor paint

Watercolor paint has a lot of important characteristics that make it become useful and has high value for the painters in painting. Watercolor can be made by natural pigment and can be found in nature such as clay and mineral or by synthetic pigments. I will introduce to you some prominent characteristics of the best watercolor paint.
• Watercolor paint can be transparent or opaque: it is very easy to realize the watercolor transparent and watercolor paint opaque. When transparent watercolor comes into contact with light, it will be vivid, bright, and transparent. Otherwise, with the opaque watercolor, the color seems cloudy when it contacts with the light. However, there are some opaque watercolors that are very bright.
• Staining and non-staining: that are two important features to make the high value of watercolor paint. With non-staining watercolor, it is very easy and effective to mix a non-staining watercolor with other non-staining colors. That will create a very beautiful and transparent color. Besides, staining watercolor is also like non-staining watercolor when mixing with other same colors. However, it will be a mistake when we mix a staining watercolor with a non-staining watercolor because that can make disappear and change the mixed color.
• Sedimentary is one of the prominent features of watercolor paint: sedimentary watercolor will have colored debris that creates very beautiful patterns on the surface of the paper. And it also makes beautiful and wonderful washes.

In conclusion

It can be seen that the compositions and characteristics of watercolor paint are very special and useful. I hope you can get some useful information for your needs from this article.

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