Media Gridiron is a site to blog about the new digital age we live in.  I started out in retail sales back in 2000 and worked in several fields for a few years.  In 2010 I owned a company that was getting no business  form the internet and wondered why.  My webmaster at the time said I wasn’t paying enough for google pay per click.  I decided that no matter how much money I threw at the PPC and webmaster that I was not getting the return I wanted.  So I decided to do it myself and learned digital marketing (website design, social media marketing, analytics, keywords, etc) from the ground up.  It worked.  I turned my company around and grew revenue where I needed it to be to be successful.  Long story short, I sold that company and moved on to the online world of consulting.  I do consulting work for a few companies but I will eventually try to start my own agency in Denver for Social Marketing and Business Support.  Until then this blog will serve as a reminder that every day the online world is as competitive as a football game…to me it is the gridiron of the internet!